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Our story

Let’s talk about our Company's Mission

About Us

Gas Smart Supply Inc intends to cater to a segment of the market that uses portable gas cylinders for various occasions such as parties, gatherings, and other events. It is one of the few start-ups that have identified a social need, and a gap in the market that can be bridged through technological and business innovation.

The start-up aims to generate revenue primarily through BtoB and BtoC sales. By securing the supply chain and employing a distribution model, the company can affect large sales volume, on the other hand by catering to the need of infrequent users of gas cylinders, the company can realize modest sales.

Our Company Values

These are the values in which we operate our company. We take pride in knowing our company is providing a greater value to the world.


You can always count on our products to be reliable and our service consistent.


Safety is our number one priority.


We value customer loyalty and will ensure to respect and reward this loyalty.


We always ensure our business procedures and products are ethical.

Our App

Read about our new upcoming app.


Read about our market analysis.


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Our Team

Mohammad Riahi, CEO

B.S. In Mechanical Engineering (Heat & Fluids) 28 years experience in engineering and management in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Razieh Rahimzadeh, CCO


Zahra Rezaee, CFO


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